The Wild

10 05 2011

Everyone’s a freak, undiscovered

except in the souls of socialites

even the meekest mouse is the wildest lion

stretch your fangs, sharpen those claws

do it inside, for the inside is out

and the downsides are uphill on

midsummer night, midnight moon

shards pierce our skin, yells

flurry  of shapes, moving shadows

calm waters turn to torrents

 fanatical music, made of stalking, shatters the tranquil night

it’s a sea of movement, a ripple of -stretch-




stars in my eyes, moon in my hair

light on my tongue that’s heavy with dew

dance, hunt, leap, stomp, swivel, swirl

don’t stop, won’t stop, can’t stop

energy is endless, for we are the first

the only

the untamed

the freaks in your life

because we-

-we are the wild