Essays in Life

15 04 2011

I loved the rain. I loved the wind, caressing my hair, blowing it straight back or tangling it over my eyes. I loved the delicious feeling of raindrops on my face. I would close my eyes and smile.

On summer nights, when the tornado sirens wailed, my feelings were battling between fear and ecstasy. The house would creak creepily and the pine branches outside the window would flail helplessly as the wind batted at them forcefully. I would half-wish, despite the fact that I knew it would be horrible, that a real tornado- a swirling mass of howling gales -would come, come whip away my life. I would emerge from the rubble of my house with a story to tell.

On other summer nights, when there was a gentle, carefree breeze, the bonfire was lit and our faces flickered in he darkness. We would run all over the neighborhood, heedless of property and domain, cutting through yards and sprinting down streets in the black. I would fly across rolling terrain and feel free. I would crouch behind trees and be still. I would be quiet and win.

I’m not sure whether it’s surprising that I grew up to be a meek girl. I still feel as if my personality wages war. I crave adrenaline, yet I scorn sports- competition holds little to no interest for me. I love riding my bike- I love cruising through town, zooming past yards of uniform concrete and leaving landmarks in the dust. When I cross the road from the park to my house, I pedal so fast my legs feel like their flying- and I feel like I’m flying. It’s as if I’m going a hundred miles an hour, and- once more, adrenaline- I’m afraid I will fall. When I arrive at my garage, my heart is always pumping and I’m always smiling.

P.S. The topic of this essay is nothing.



16 03 2011

tick tick tock tock

life is a blur

while i wait seconds fly by

my life is a timer

when it goes off

it stops


15 03 2011


There’s a gypsy in all of us.

You never know what you might see.

Sometimes you’ll want to hide.

Others, you’ll want to stand out.

This is my advice to you.

Take the path less chosen.

Dance your way through life.

Whenever you’re down…

Look up.

Life is a gift.

There are stories to be made.

Stay true to yourself, and life will be better.

Life will go on.