Things to Do Over the Summer

9 05 2011

Things to do over the Summer

 1. Roast marshmallows over a campfire

2. Read all the books on the book list

3. Dive off a diving board/ go off the drop slide

4. Sleep until 10 o’clock 

5. Sign up for some classes at the library

6. Tie dye a shirt

7. Make a new friend

8. Fly a kite

9. Host a party

10. Get some music from the library (see # 20)

 11. Make dinner for your family

12. Learn something new

13. Wake up early to watch the sun rise

14. Write a letter to someone you know

15. Do a job to earn money

16. Watch a movie at the library

17. Plant a tree

18. Buy something with your own money

19. Make your own paper

20. Check out the library’s website at

 21. Blend a smoothie

22. Bake some cookies

23. Make a firefly lantern

24. Go on a hike

25. Decorate an ice cream sundae

26. Make a bird house

27. Check out a book from the library

28. Pull a prank on your friends

29. Make a scrapbook

30. Learn how to juggle

31. Send secrets by Morse Code

32. Launch a rocket

33. Perfect your drawing skills

34. Find the constellations

35. Identify clouds

36. Start an ant farm

37. Dry flowers

38. Grow a garden

39. Learn how to skateboard

40. Learn how to do the worm

41. Learn how to moonwalk

42. Walk on your hands

43. Do a magic show

44. Write a song and sing it

45. Form shadow puppets

46. Skip a stone

47. Shoot some hoops

48. Hit a home run

49. Write in invisible ink

50. Fold an airplane


 I wrote this for a newspaper club article. What do you think??? 🙂