April Fools!!!

1 04 2011

For all the dorks in the world who don’t already know, it’s the 1ST of APRIL!!! And you know what that means… PRANKS GALORE! Today in school, jokes were flying like UFOs. Tricks were played on teachers and students alike. Two of those I was involved in- one I pulled, the other was pulled on me! 😛

I rode he bus to school, and as we pulled into place my awesome bus driver stood up and told us some horrible news. We had had a substitute driver yesterday (GrOaN) and our bus had been in an important meeting.

“It is now a rule that every bus has to have assigned seats,” she proclaimed, “so, this afternoon, you will fill the seats up from the back of the bus and those will be your seats for the rest of the year!”

I sat in silent horror. I probably looked as though I had been slapped in the face.

Then she shook her head.

April Fools, you suckers!” she laughed, and I mentally banged my forehead as I stepped off the bus, smiling.

Later that day, my Language Arts class played an elaborate prank on our teacher. We knew that she hated owls, so we decided to decorate her room with pictures of them during Social Studies! The kids in Media printed out a huge poster of an owl with creepy, swirly eyes that said “Don’t be a hater!” (:D) and we taped it on the door. Other students printed out smaller photos and I drew several (ugly) birds on the whiteboards. One boy even brought a creepy figurine of the nocturnal bird to class! The effect was ruined slightly by the arrival of an entire eighth grade class, playing a prank on their teacher by abandoning her classroom. It was to a milling crowd of adolescents that our teacher walked in, and her eyes teared at the sight of the poster- but not in a good way.

She reasonably told the eight graders to go back to class and made us clean up all the owls. Although it was rather mean, she was (thankfully) not too upset and waved away our apology. All in all, it was a neat joke!

Oh, and one more thing. I read somewhere that the levels of radiation from Japan were found in food as well as in milk! Although that is a rather sad note to end on, all I can say is… “April Fools, suckers!!” 😉