24 04 2011

This is the day we’ve all been waiting for- the day when we at last are able to fling away our Lenten oaths to sacrifice candy and gorge ourselves on chocolate bunnies. If only we could do this every day… we sigh as we chew the last Peep… that would be heaven… which is true, I must admit. Nevertheless, under all the sweets and treats, there still is the holy celebration that we must abtain, else the only reason for the holiday would be to sell and buy as much candy as possible- just like Halloween. 😉 This is the day Jesus FINALLY proved to all the stuborn people that he IS the son of God and that he CAN save us all from our own foolish sins. That is the reason we party, folks- to rejoice in the fact that God was so good as to rescue us and give us hope and heaven- that is what Easter is all about. 🙂