I’m back!

26 10 2011

Funny how you can forget about something so completely. It’s like my mind tossed my blog into the trash and left it on the curb. I’m amazed at how much has changed- the formats look so different…

So. Right. I suppose you’d like an update. Well… things have changed. A LOT. First of all: I have the sweetest baby brother in the world and he’s the reason I come home every day. And that’s pretty much it 🙂

Yes, this was pointless, and yes, I don’t know what I’m doing, but who cares? That’s the entire point of having a blog- to write whatever and do whatever to your hearts content. And I must say, I’m glad to be back.




One response

26 10 2011
Ann Tamer

Dear Anna,

Glad to have you back! Forgot about your old Blog, huh? Nothing is ever lost on the ‘Net; just hiding out of sight. Tommy can’t be the only reason you return home from school each day, is he? You have other interests to keep you busy after homework’s over, right? And I noticed you said he was sweet, but neglected to mention LOUD. HE’S LOUD. Good thing he’s so cute! :o)

Do you still go Trick-or-Treating? Will you go Monday evening? With anyone? What are your favorite candies? What will you be giving out to kids who come to YOUR door? So much to think about. (sigh)

Take care of yourself. I’m hoping to see you very soon, my Little Minions! I have a plan and you are a necessary part. You don’t have to wear overalls or glasses (unless you want to), and you have to speak English at least 80% of the time. Heh, heh — Despicable ME!!


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