The Debate of a Bookworm

27 04 2011

Why didn’t I join a book club?

That’s a good question- after all, I am an avid bookworm, and you can often find me with my nose buried in a novel. My friends say that they find me with a different book each day, which, though not true, is what to be expected from the daughter of a librarian. However, my motto is: A book is meant for reading, not dissecting.

[FYI: I detest nonfiction books, for they don’t apply to my motto]

You see, although I adore literature, I HATE breaking it down. For example, stating the climax (shudder) or naming an internal conflict (wince) is easy for me, but I loath it because it’s so BORING. 😦 This, as you can tell, makes Language Arts class a sort of battle of opinions: I can easily say that my favorite part is read aloud (BTW, go Mockingjay!!!! 😉 )

Book clubs do involve reading, but it is forced reading (tremble) and you have to TALK about it afterward. My kind of reading is reading for reading’s sake, not to dissect it like a frog in biology class. Sure, my mom may think me crazy, and my friends may think I’m silly, but one thing’s for sure: I’m not going to join the book club.




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