Just for fun

2 11 2011

So here I am, playing around on the computer when I should be doing homework… taking care of my brother… the usual 🙂


I’m back!

26 10 2011

Funny how you can forget about something so completely. It’s like my mind tossed my blog into the trash and left it on the curb. I’m amazed at how much has changed- the formats look so different…

So. Right. I suppose you’d like an update. Well… things have changed. A LOT. First of all: I have the sweetest baby brother in the world and he’s the reason I come home every day. And that’s pretty much it 🙂

Yes, this was pointless, and yes, I don’t know what I’m doing, but who cares? That’s the entire point of having a blog- to write whatever and do whatever to your hearts content. And I must say, I’m glad to be back.

The Wild

10 05 2011

Everyone’s a freak, undiscovered

except in the souls of socialites

even the meekest mouse is the wildest lion

stretch your fangs, sharpen those claws

do it inside, for the inside is out

and the downsides are uphill on

midsummer night, midnight moon

shards pierce our skin, yells

flurry  of shapes, moving shadows

calm waters turn to torrents

 fanatical music, made of stalking, shatters the tranquil night

it’s a sea of movement, a ripple of -stretch-




stars in my eyes, moon in my hair

light on my tongue that’s heavy with dew

dance, hunt, leap, stomp, swivel, swirl

don’t stop, won’t stop, can’t stop

energy is endless, for we are the first

the only

the untamed

the freaks in your life

because we-

-we are the wild

Things to Do Over the Summer

9 05 2011

Things to do over the Summer

 1. Roast marshmallows over a campfire

2. Read all the books on the book list

3. Dive off a diving board/ go off the drop slide

4. Sleep until 10 o’clock 

5. Sign up for some classes at the library

6. Tie dye a shirt

7. Make a new friend

8. Fly a kite

9. Host a party

10. Get some music from the library (see # 20)

 11. Make dinner for your family

12. Learn something new

13. Wake up early to watch the sun rise

14. Write a letter to someone you know

15. Do a job to earn money

16. Watch a movie at the library

17. Plant a tree

18. Buy something with your own money

19. Make your own paper

20. Check out the library’s website at www.stdl.org

 21. Blend a smoothie

22. Bake some cookies

23. Make a firefly lantern

24. Go on a hike

25. Decorate an ice cream sundae

26. Make a bird house

27. Check out a book from the library

28. Pull a prank on your friends

29. Make a scrapbook

30. Learn how to juggle

31. Send secrets by Morse Code

32. Launch a rocket

33. Perfect your drawing skills

34. Find the constellations

35. Identify clouds

36. Start an ant farm

37. Dry flowers

38. Grow a garden

39. Learn how to skateboard

40. Learn how to do the worm

41. Learn how to moonwalk

42. Walk on your hands

43. Do a magic show

44. Write a song and sing it

45. Form shadow puppets

46. Skip a stone

47. Shoot some hoops

48. Hit a home run

49. Write in invisible ink

50. Fold an airplane


 I wrote this for a newspaper club article. What do you think??? 🙂


Back Once More

9 05 2011

To all who care, I’m back to the dashboard after a week’s worth of grounding! Yay! 🙂

The Dove

29 04 2011

I saw a dove in a tree
With white feathers and an orange beak
He looked at me as if to say
“Haven’t you had a wonderful week?”
I had to aggree, for the grass was green
The sky was blue and the birdies would sing
I had to aggree with the dove in the tree
“Yes, I have had a wonderful week.”

A Good-luck Wish for the Royals

28 04 2011

Oh, the bells, bells, bells
What a tale their terror tells
of despair!
How they clang, and clash, and roar!
Edgar Allen Poe, a poem

That poem is rather ironic in light of the latest events: in a day’s time, there will be held the joyous marriage of Kate Middleton and Prince William (God bless them!). Hopefully, THOSE bells will be heard with jubilation, not misery. :)n Trust me, I’ve heard it enough on the news already, but I couldn’t resist the temptation to join the chorus of wellfarers for the lovely couple. I wish them a long and happy union, and pray that Kate will turn out to be a great Queen!! 😉